Rainbow of the Night

Her skin, the color of rich cocoa with the finish of honey boasts a sparkle of brass. Her hair, deliberately woven in sophisticated patterns falls gracefully on the rails of her spine. Fine hairs sitting atop the torus of her brow adorn her face in a cheerful disposition. The white of her eyes provides sharp contrast with the caramel of her skin but the auburn of her iris remain in congruence. Her pupils, provide a transient window to her heart. A heart vaulted behind the ample fortress of her bosom; from whose wells, nations will be nourished. She gives me a quick glance as she walks by me and I turn to spy her from behind. Her shoulders retract in a concave shape revealing sharp shoulder blades. These blades are where her primitives once docked wings. An endless sundress flows asymptotically towards her feet. Her frame narrows near her waist only to scream into a pair of supple endowments near the small of her back . Her endowments, the inspiration for geodesy, perpetually swells with the slope of a globe, and completes her structural integrity. Men have picked up arms for her affection. So I assemble my army. An army of words, coordinated in melodious symphony. She considers by studying my demeanor. A smile forms at the base of her lips as she realizes that she has met her inimitable conjugate. The black man! The smile fades as she continues her query. She looks in my eye, and sees the red trails of pain. She touches my body and feels the legacy of my burdens. My deltoids are hardened from the weight of the world. Long days in the sun has scorched my darkness. Yet, she judges me not. In fact she understands me because she sees the god in me. A god in latency! She lays me down to ease my burdens. As we lay in silence, I hear the love in her mind. As I look in her eyes, I see the twinkle of fire. And at the junction of her legs, she storms the rain of the mother. Love, fire and rain; The ingredients for the alchemy of creation. We dive deeper into our ritual. The coronation of the black man into a god. The adoration of the black woman as his equal. She washes my pain with her rain and quenches my insatiable desires by emptying me whole. She is the light that purifies my darkness. She is my rainbow of the night!

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