Face the Sun

'Tis the season that hints at warmer days to come. Yes, Spring is here! The season that gives us Easter, petrichor, daylight, spring cleaning, light sweaters, beaches, aahhhh... Should I say more? Ok...Blue skies, outdoor activities, dandelions, spring break, long walks, vibrant colors, and so on and so forth. In and around the nation's capital, we witnessed one of the most grueling winter storms of the last century. While it didn't stop us from being who we are, we are still very thrilled to ditch the hefty coats and explore more of the great outdoors. Here are some tips to have a spring to remember

Open a window

The literal meaning of this is obvious. The true meaning, however, lies in the metaphorical application. Open up that window of opportunity. Be it career, passion or love.

Let in some fresh air; Bring new people into your life, Pick up a new hobby, learn a new language. You get the idea.

Sneak out the window; Yes, become a teenager all over again. It's not easy to escape the confines of your comfort zone. We, however, have an intrinsic desire to evolve and evolution takes time. Just ask Darwin. So put forth the time, the energy, and the dare it takes to become whom ever you desire to be.

Rule the outdoors

From a hunter-gatherer's perspective, sitting at home and interacting with television On-Demand bodes no benefit. The real action happens in the Great Outdoors, DUN DA NAA. There are a plethora of activities to do outside this spring: Have a picnic, go bike riding, go camping with some friends, play with pets, go hiking, etc.

Here in the DC area, we have the most sophisticated trail system that you need to explore. Check out these trails: Mount Vernon, W&OD, Capital Crescent, Rock Creek (closed to motor traffic on weekends), Sligo Creek, Chesapeake and Ohio Towpath (see the Great Falls while you're at it ;) ).

Face the Sun

Wake up. Drink a glass of water. Watch the sun rise. Ok ok, you don't have the time because you have to go to work. So do it on a weekend. Do you see the big picture?

kinda, Life itself?

No, a little bigger...

The Milky Way?

Close, but bigger still...

Eureka, the universe.

Yes! You got it! Think about it, you are part of the make up of an infinite universe. You are made up of the same elements the stars are made of. So let your light shine. We need it to.

Ok Jeff, what about the smaller picture, back here on Earth?

Your smile can a make a day, your touch will race a heart. And together, our love can move mountains.

If you enjoyed this read, you will love working out with me more. Join my Small Group classes at 10111 Colesville Road, STE 131, Silver Spring, MD.

Your boy,


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