Monday! The polar opposite of Friday. The day that spells the end of the weekend bliss and a return to the tumultuous world. Many people dread Monday's because it's the day you start to wake up to the alarm again. We return to our jobs which may take a physical and emotional toll. In this post, I want to share with you how to make Monday's less dreadful. If you put these tips into practice often, you will even look forward to Mondays.

Mondays start on Sunday night

Yes they do! Go to bed a little earlier on Sunday night. Research suggests that getting 7.5-8 hours of sleep improves your mood, enhances nervous function and also helps with weight loss. Whattt??? I know right? Get those zzzzzz's

Don't be Alarmed

Does the sound of your alarm frustrate you? I mean, it signals the end of an otherwise

pleasant slumber. Not many of us would use a friendly adjective to describe our alarms. That means we have a sort of emotional response to it. Why not make that response pleasant? Wake up to a song that cheers you up. A tune that fills you with joy and inspiration. This really matters because, when you wake up to the traditional buzzers and sirens, you body releases cortisol, a stress hormone that puts you on urge and prepares you for the stressors of the day. Wake up in Style on Mondays!

Exercise In the morning

It is well known that exercise increases mental acuity. Put that to good use by engaging in 30 to 60 minutes of exercise prior to work. Here at Elite Bodies, I have morning Small Group Classes that will jump start your metabolism and give you the mental flexibility that you will need to tackle Monday's!


Enjoy a balanced and nutritious breakfast in the morning. A good breakfast helps with mood, concentration and energy level. Don't skip breakfast because "you just dont have the time". Those stomach grumbles is your body disagreeing with you.

This Monday is not your average Monday. It is leap day, a rarity that we only get once every four years. Ponder over that for a moment...You don't get to dread this day or any day for that matter. Make the most of the day. Think of Mondays as the beginning of a work week that you get to be more productive, so you can move up in your career and discover more of the world around you.

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