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Valentine's Day. The one day of the year dedicated to lovers. You can bet February 14 is circled on every couple's calender. It is the day that you get to relive why you fell in love all over again. What I want to share with you all today is how to re-ignite that passion everyday with exercise. After all, couples who workout together, stay together.

It is very well known that exercise induces the release of endorphins. Endorphins are small protein-like molecules that are released by your nervous system to give you that "feel good" sensation. When you workout out at a certain intensity, the release of endorphins provide you with an extra burst of energy and willpower to complete your workout. After your workout is complete, the high from these endorphins stay a while longer. You feel more confident and your mood is lighter. Enjoy this natural sensation with your partner. Endorphins may just be the chemistry that your relationship needs.

When you workout with your partner, you are both putting together a conscious effort to take charge of your health and pursue your fitness goals. It is actually positive that couples have friendly competitions and challenges for each other at the gym. For example, challenge each other to do 10 pushups or some trouble later ;). Playful banter like this makes you each work harder to achieve your goals and also spices things up.

A very good exercise routine, makes your heart race, hands sweaty, and shortens your breath. These symptons are very similar to romantic arousal. Our brains often don't differentiate between the two. In effect, you appear more attractive in his or her eyes. Exercising together also creates an environment whereby couples can synchronize their actions. Doing sit-ups together, or riding your bikes, or running behind your spouse provide non-verbal affirmation that strengthens your emotional bond.

Happy Valentine's day to all you love birds! Encourage, motivate, and provide words of affirmations to each other frequently while working out. Remember to make each other feel more confident about your bodies enough to want to share it.


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