Beginner's Guide to a Healthier Lifestyle

The first month of the New Year is already over. Most of us set goals that will help us be better versions of ourselves. Some people want to travel this year, learn a new languge, run a race, lose some weight, make some new friends etc. All of these goals are really awesome because they require you to step out of your comfort zone. Most of us know we have the strength to do it but we simply may not know where to start or how to be guided there.

Starting a fitness journey can be particularly difficult. It just doesnt end with getting a gym membership, or quitting soda or doing a cleanse. Also there are tons of information about fitness out there and most of them are misleading.

These tips will provide you with some insight on how to begin

1. What are your goals?

Ask yourself what you would really want. Examples are: lose weight, tone up, improve endurance, increase bone density etc. Have a clear and realistic picture of what you would like to achieve.

2. Find out about fitness programs near you. Trainers love to share their knowledge of fitness and their area of expertise. Find out which program will be good for your level of fitness and cater to your aformentioned goals. Be sure to see a physician to be cleared for physical activity.

Join that program and establish a consistent schedule. You dont want to go in for workout only when you feel like it. You will not attain your goals that way. Instead, make it a habit.

3. Be more active

Now that you have successfully started a fitness program, you have to complement your routines with staying active. So ride your bike, take a walk around your neighborhood, participate in your favorite hobbies. At this point you should be feeling great about yourself already.

4. What to eat

Nutrition is very vital when it comes to achieving your goals. See a nutritional expert to discuss a custom nutritional plan that will help you with your goals.

Make sure you enjoy what you eat. Keep a food journal.

5. Hydration

You have definitely heard this one before, but I cant stress enough the importance of drinking water. So please drink up. Not too much before bedtime though haha. You all know what happens. And oh, about that. Make sure you get enough rest at night. You have just started putting your body through some physical activity and it needs some time off to recuperate and also rebuild.

I hope these tips can help you all get closer to your goals and become that person you strive to be.

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