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Your Exercise Options 

With the pandemic still around, we are providing our members with these safe options to exercise. 

 Small Indoor Group Classes

These classes have the same great energy of our pre-pandemic classes. They include weightlifting, HIIT classes, and boxing. Masks are required for all of these classes and the limit is 8 

members per class. Our Large windows are open for great ventilation. We also have over 12 feet of separation between stations. Our pre-pandemic capacity was 20. See our schedule here

Live Virtual Classes


Some of our Small Indoor Group Classes are broadcast live to our members at home. With just a set of dumbbells, you can work alongside our members in the studio to still feel that great class energy

Daily Virtual Class Join us for our daily virtual classes from the comfort of your home or office. Monday to Friday at 8am.

Even if you cant make it, we send you daily recordings. 


Bubble Classes

 This is a good option if you only want to exercise with the people that you are usually around and feel safe with. Family, neighbors, coworkers and even teen children. Contact us to find a time schedule that you can consistently reserve for this option. Call us at (301) 844 5360 to find out more about this option.


Personal Training

Sometimes in order to get back in your fitness groove, you need to see a trainer to work on some basics: Form, strength, endurance, balance etc. 

Sometimes you want to do personal training because you want someone to keep a close eye on your fitness goals . A trainer to keep you accountable or even remind you to stretch on your off days. If this is for you contact us here to find out more about times, and our affordable rates.



On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays we meet on the tennis courts of Blair High School at 6:30am. These classes are excellent for conditioning. We take advantage of the extra space to do engaging total body routines.



Tel: (301) 844 5360

10111 Colesville Road, STE 131
Silver Spring, MD 20901

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