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Silver Spring, MD 20901

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Why Elite Bodies?

The core of our program is strength training. Strength training is the most effective method for fat loss. At Elite Bodies, our trainers promote lifting techniques that give our members the confidence that they are performing an exercise correctly. We are a small bunch so you get a lot of personalized attention. 

At a basic level, we all strive to lose fat and increase lean muscle. Our fitness classes are crafted to help our members meet this goal. Our routines are diverse, they are exciting and they promote strength, balance, agility and cardiovascular endurance.

If you would like a peek into how our classes are conducted, take a look at this video. Then come and experience it for yourself by contacting us to schedule your free class here.

#1 Gym in Silver Spring, Maryland

Outline for March (currently suspended due to COVID-19) 

Functional Strength-  We are dedicating Mondays as our days to focus on strength training. This is the day we highlight, the weightlifting with correct form. We are doing the same workout on Mondays so that you can measure your progression and comfort with certain exercises. Exercises we will focus on will be: Deadlifts, Squats, Bench Press and others. We highly recommend that you attend our Monday Classes if you can.

Tuesday- Kick, Pump & Punch

Our usual boxing and weightlifting Tuesdays now feature kicking. Exciting stuff

Cardio Craze Wednesdays

Wednesdays are going to be dedicated to cardiovascular endurance. We will be doing all things that let you break a good sweat. Expect Rowers, battle ropes, agility ladder, everything is fair game.

 Corrective Exercise Thursdays

This class is great for balancing the under/over utilized muscles in your body. For this month we will be hearing up our room to 75 degrees, this will allow for more joint mobility which will increase the range of motion of exercises.

**Fridays and Saturdays will feature a mix of all of the above programs.